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Waste to Energy projects

Waste to Energy projects

There is 75% less forests than there used to be. People recognize deforestation as a pressing problem, not only because there is less firewood but also because there is more erosion and stronger monsoons.

Kitchen waste (KW) can be utilized to produce biogas due to its high biodegradability, calorific value and nutritive value to microbes, which will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Moreover, domestic biogas installations have positive sustainable development effects such as alleviating the workload for women and children and easing health problems caused by indoor pollution. The biogas unit will be of either two or three cubic metre capacity depending on the number and type of cattle owned by the household and the number of people in the household.

Generate Bio Gas

  • Restaurant & Kitchen Waste
  • Cattle dung / Animal Manure
  • Agriculture Biomass
  • Waste fruits & vegetables from the Municipal markets


  • Electricity
  • Kitchen Gas, Cooking purpose
  • Gas based Lighting for the Village based homes