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Rural electrification projects

Sub-stations & Transmission lines

We take the EPC projects for the Sub-stations & High ( 220 & 110 KV ) & Medium voltage ( 66 KV, 33 KV, 11 KV ) Power lines. Low voltage ( 400 volts, 3 phase ) power distribution by under ground cables. The Sub-station projects are complete with Design, Engineering, Purchase , Installation & Commissioning basis. We also supply compact sub-stations from 1500 KVA, 1250 KVA, 1000 KVA, 750 KVA, 500 KVA capacities with RMU & complete housing including Safety lock outs. We also supply Main & Sub distribution boards / panels. All our design are based on IEC standards.

  • Our comprehensive power project solutions begin with consultation, planning and design to procurement, construction and execution.
  • Our EPC solutions for power projects provides customized design for every project or upgrade for optimal capacity results.
  • EPC takes care of procurement, supply and commissioning of equipment such as insulators, control panels, line materials and switch-yard equipment.
  • Our solutions ensure quality in the supply chain through inspection and logistics services.
  • Installation of the power projects along with training for personnel is also part of our solutions with EPC.

Rural / Village Electrification projects

We take up villages where the Power has not reached. We study the load & future load projections, possibility of the National Grid to tap the power from. If that is technically not feasible, then we plan the Micro grid powered by PV Solar system.

For the Villages - Load from 500 KW to 1000 KW.

Electrification work in Building construction projects

We undertake the complete Electrical works with the supply of material & manpower to carry deliver the Projects.

We specialize in housing colonies & Residential areas.

Energy Audits & Conservation

Total Energy Analysis & Management

  • Complete Health check for all forms of Energy Systems
  • Conservation of Natural Resources (Energy & Water)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Managing Solid Waste
  • Provide Techno-Economically feasible suggestion

Energy Audit

  • Energy Accounting & Balancing
  • Specific Energy Consumption
  • Performance Of Major Equipments
  • Study of Distribution Systems
  • Study of Process & Operations
  • Thermography of Electric Panel & DB Boards

Utility Audit

  • Performance testing of all Utility Equipments & Machines.
  • Identification of Potential Areas
  • Provide Techno-Economically Feasible Suggestions
  • Utility Audit Report

Power Factor Improvement

  • Automatic Power factor correction panel

Process Energy Audit

  • Energy & Mass Balance of Entire Plant
  • Energy & Mass Balance of Major Operations & Processes
  • Identification Of Potential Areas
  • Provide Techno-Economically Feasible Suggestions for optimize total cost of Energy
  • Process Energy Audit Report
  • Chiller Performance
  • Pump Performance
  • Power & Harmonics Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Lighting Audit


With a portfolio of more than 20+ MW in land based solar Engineering, Procurement, Construction & commissioning ( EPC ) projects in past 2 years, Noor Solar Energy possesses extensive experience and expertise in setting up utility-scale land based solar power plants for government bodies, power utilities, Villages, corporates and industrial establishments. Our scope of services include complete life-cycle of solar power plants - right from consulting to supply, erection, testing, commissioning including warranty, operations and maintenance.

We specialize in On Grid & Off Grid, both systems.

With a team of highly experienced solar industry professionals, we possess the expertise to build land based solar power plants of any scale, anywhere in the world.