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Sea Water RO Desalination plants

Sea Water RO Desalination plants

  • For housing colonies & Villages. Ranging from 5 to 5000 People.
  • Permanently installed & moving system / containerized.
  • Powered by State Power & Solar Electricity.
  • Intake water up to 35 000 ppm.
  • Drinking water - WHO approved water quality level.

Noor Solar Energy specializes in manufacturing reliable plug & play ISO containerized systems for virtually any mobile water treatment solution. Our 20 & 40 foot, high-cube containers include insulation and fine internal and external finishing.


  • ISO containerized system – plug & play
  • Double cargo doors at one end
  • Integrated process piping and mechanical equipment
  • Mounting brackets throughout the container for securing equipment
  • Electrical wiring and wireways integrated for the treatment components
  • Central connection point(s) for all piping connections
  • Three main connection locations, (a) feed, (b) effluent, and (c) electrical power
  • Lighting system & recepticles
  • Air conditioning cooling equipment
  • Epoxy painted exterior
  • Water corrosion resistant flooring system
  • Heavy-duty Insulation throughout the interior
  • Water resistant interior sheathing
  • Corrosion resistant flooring grid in walkways
  • Corrosion resistant hardware
  • ·Powder coated skid mounted equipment
  • Durable packaged containerized water treatment systems for mobile use