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Sewage / Waste Water Treatment Plant

STP Water Plant

  • Bathroom & Toilet waste water from the housing colonies. Ranging from 5 to 5000 People
  • MBBR Technology.
  • Compact & Economical operation with NO chemicals.
  • Powered by State Power & Solar Electricity.
  • Reuse the water for Gardening & farming.
  • Compose application for the Gardens.

Noor Solar Energy are design built modular ARB Sewage Treatment Plants with capacities ranging from 20m3/day to 400 m3/day. Our containerized STP system are engineered and designed using the most cost effective process technology – The Forced Draft High Rate Bioreactor process is known world-wide to be the lowest in running cost to treat domestic sewage. The technology uses only 30% of the power requirement compared to conventional Extended Aeration or Activated Sludge Processes.